We establish and manage your foreign branch

Start building a foreign branch from one person, test and scale to endless. Derive from global candidates pool, IT experts, convenient location and friendly business environment in an affordable way.

Run your fully dependent remote internal team in a one day!

Build your team

How we do IT

We are responsible for the recruitment, operation, administration, marketing, training of your local branch. At the end of the day, working on a daily basis with your teams from other branches, we're all on the same team. We bear the responsibility for the overall success of the branch together with you!

Legal Entity

Foreign businesses choose between opening a foreign company branch or establishing an independent company. Before making such a decision, taxation differences should be considered which results from the form of business.


We know what candidates prefer, who they are and what they need. We will provide end-to-end customizable recruitment pipeline suited for your needs. We can adjust and customize pipeline which will suit your needs.


Building teams is always very dynamic, especially at the beginning. If you prefer to be more flexible we can arrange a co-working office for the first team members in the best locations in the city. You will be surprised how it can be easy!


We make sure that specialists hired by us use the best hardware. Our agreements with reliable vendors allow us to meet your extraordinary expectations for office furniture and computer equipment in the most affordable way.


Others seem to be only an addition, but it's the most important thing because it is all about people, thats why we care about organizing meetings, team building activities and knowledge sharing between teams.

  • Employer branding
  • Meetups
  • Team building
  • AI/ML/Big Data
Best model

We Build Efficient Internal Teams with our proprietary solution - The B.E.S.T. model

Why your company will change in Poland?

Huge candidates pool with the best IT talents in a convenient location and friendly environment in cost-effective way based in dynamically growing market with access to the cutting-edge technologies

3rd in the world

IT talents


Candidate pool

51`07'N | 17`02'

Location and Environment

up to 30 - 50%

Low cost teams


R&D centers

GDP can doubled

Dynamically growing IT market


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